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My Python Development Environment Setup

I’ve just started learning programming in Python and the famous framework Django and my aim is to become a backend developer. After stumbling for quite a while on the internet, I come up with this seemingly working setup, so I want to write it down for future reference and hope that it may help some others.

Python Version Management

In order to use different versions of Python, there must be a version management tool for easily managing different versions on the same machine, and that is pyenv. It allows the user to install multiple versions of Python and easily switching among them, so the user can test their apps in different environments.
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My .bash_profile on My Mac

Added Jun 25, 2017: Kary, 我衰記性差,好對唔住,唔應該開你玩笑,求你原諒🌹

Original text:

I’m currently using an CUSTOMIZED Mac😁 I like the default shipped within macOS. I have changed the appearance a little bit, so it look nice to me. I also wanted to customize it even more, to enable it to sync command history between all open terminal sessions. I have tried

and some combinations of them in my .bash_profile, but none of them worked for me properly, so I gave up the idea of syncing. Problems include wrong command history number, failing to remove duplicate command, etc.
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Add Github Repo as Existing Xcode Project’s Remote Repo

What about

As a learning-in-progress app developer, I come across a lot of trivial obstacles, fortunately I’ve got much help from online resources. After I’ve overcome them, better for me to keep them down as reminders and maybe offer help for others in need.

Recently I’m working on custom segue transitions I want to implement in my latest iOS app. After reading from tutorials and demos, I sum up a few UIView masks that might be useful in some situation. I rewrite these masks in swift language, and I want to put the demo Xcode project on github for others’ reference, and take this as an opportunity to learn how git/github works.
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