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How I Installed Graphic Interface to a Slim Debian System

I searched online for a slim Debian system, but I just could not find one. There are installer CDs and DVDs. As I understand, CD versions contain less packages than DVDs versions, so I think it may better suit my needs. But the only two options available to me are as CDs: netinst iso, which I thought will only work well with internet connection, and xfce iso, which contains a desktop environment already, although a lightweight one. My idea is, I want a slim version of Debian Linux system that has only command line interface and core packages installed by default, and I’ll install a display manager, but I won’t install a whole desktop environment.

But to my satisfaction, as I try to install with the net installer in VirtualBox, it doesn’t necessarily need internet connection, it just gets a confusing name. But there is a step in the installation process where the installer detects the network card automatically, so I have to connect a virtual network card to the virtual machine in settings pane.

It took a little longer as I expected, but it was smooth enough. When I get into the command line interface, it becomes quite easy to install GUI to it, all I have to do is

and then issue a command

to get into graphic interface.

Since I have only one display manager installed, the dwm, so that’s enough for me. As I understand, if multiple display managers exist in the system, one has to create a .xinitrc  file in home directory with the command

in it to specify dwm as the display manager to use.